Academic positions

  • 2017 - present: FAPESP Post-Doctoral Fellow, Universidade de São Paulo, IAG
    • Project: Galaxy evolution in different environments using spatially resolved kinematics and stellar populations


  • 2012 - 2016 Ph.D in Astronomy, Universidade de São Paulo, IAG
    • Doctoral Thesis: Kinematics and Stellar Populations of Galaxies in the Local Universe
    • Supervisor: Prof. Cláudia Mendes de Oliveira
    • Funding: FAPESP
    • Brief Synopsis of Research: The environment has an important role in the morphological transformations of galaxies. Using spectroscopic observations, we have studied the physical mechanisms that led to morphological transformations at the environments of groups and clusters. By the study of the kinematics and stellar populations of the cD galaxy NGC 3311 at the core of the Hydra I cluster, we have shown that the formation of its diffuse halo happened recently, with the merging events related to the formation of the BCG itself being responsible to unbound stars that ended up in the cD halo, with a contribution of satellite galaxies in groups. During my PhD I have also organized and led seminars in our research group, and assisted undergraduates in disciplines.

  • 2009 - 2011 Master’s Degree in Astronomy, Universidade de São Paulo, IAG
    • Master’s Thesis: Photometry, Decomposition, and Correlations for Nearby Spiral Galaxies from the GHASP Survey (Portuguese)
    • Supervisor : Prof. Cláudia Mendes de Oliveira
    • Funding: FAPESP , CNPq
    • Brief Synopsis of Research: Spiral galaxies obey several scaling relations relating their sizes, luminosities and kinematics. In this study, we have deployed a detailed analysis of the pho- tometry of 173 galaxies in the GHASP survey, one of the most precise and detailed surveys on the kinematics in the local universe, in order to obtain a precise characterization of such relations, including sub-components such as bulges and disks.

  • 2005 - 2009 Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Universidade de São Paulo, Institute of Physics
    • Habilitation in Astronomy
    • Undergraduate research in Theoretical Biophysics: The role of the anesthetics on neural signal propagation and the cellular membrane thermomecanic properties
    • Supervisor : Prof. Carla Goldman
    • Funding: CNPq


Talks in Conferences and Workshops

Previous Work Experience

  • 2006 - 2008 Administrative Intern, Library of the Biomedical Sciences Institute, University of São Paulo
    • My duties included a range of activities including the installation and administration of computers for the users, digitalization of numerous rare books and old slides and other assigned tasks. I have built a positive relationship with other members of the staff.
  • 2000 - 2005 CNC Lathe Operator, York International
    • My first employment was an apprenticeship in Machining while I was studying in the SENAI technical school. There I developed skills to operate machine tools, such as lathes, miling machines, rectifiers and vertical drills, together with the necessary skills in metrology to perform precision tasks. At the same time, I ger my first contact with programming skills, where I developed several routines to use in CNC lathes, which became my main task in the last year working there. This experience was very positive to my formation and to learn to work in collaboration, and helped me to cement my professional attitude with responsibility, ethics and constant focus.


  • Programming in astronomy
    • Python: Advanced skills used in most of my works: matplotlib, numpy, scipy, astropy, pymc
    • IDL: idlastro, coyote
    • C, FORTRAN: Basic usage
    • Packages: IRAF, EsoReflex, dohydra
  • Languages: Portuguese (native), English (fluent), French (basic)
  • Applications: Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power-Point and open-source equivalents (LibreOffice, OpenOffice)
  • Web: HTML, Jekyll, NodeJS
  • Other: Latex, Git, GitHub, Markdown